Claudia Sulewski

Claudia Sulewski

i had a pregnancy scare

i had a pregnancy scare


  • Apie Small
    Apie Small9 timer siden

    I have tried your habbits. They really work. Every one should try it

  • Amanda Morrison
    Amanda Morrison9 timer siden

    You should do a video where he cooks all your meals lol

  • Linn-Katrin
    Linn-Katrin9 timer siden

    Love this 🌱

    PREETI9 timer siden

    how I have tried every style before watching this video and realised that my potato face won't cooperate :)

  • Assil nassar
    Assil nassar9 timer siden

    omgggggggg you are a twin to karchin

  • Anna VanKannel
    Anna VanKannel10 timer siden

    The day Claudia stop filing NOlocal videos, I’d the day I die

  • Lilia .Nguyen
    Lilia .Nguyen10 timer siden

    it's a pain au chocolat not a croissant :)

  • Jolie Rijken
    Jolie Rijken10 timer siden

    Anyone here in 2021?

  • Asmaa Inarah Ali
    Asmaa Inarah Ali10 timer siden

    I was watching your video and i told my roommate that you look like you're related to Billie Eiilish then she was like yeah she's dating her brother ! and I was like oh ! I didn't know that ! am just here cuz i wanna loose weight !

  • Jay Patel Vlogs
    Jay Patel Vlogs11 timer siden

    Sooooooo Much value in one tiny videooooo :)

  • Amy DIY
    Amy DIY12 timer siden

    I love

  • Katarzyna Siarka
    Katarzyna Siarka12 timer siden

    Finneas has the worst polish accent ever ;D

  • Jurga Vaitkute
    Jurga Vaitkute13 timer siden

    Please stop using animal dead body parts, periods, breast milk as products. Animal aren't resourses. Please go vegan for animals, health, planet

  • İpek Aydın
    İpek Aydın13 timer siden

    you guys are so you both <3

  • Travelling with Mother
    Travelling with Mother13 timer siden

    I'd love to see more styling vids with thrifted things! I just found a local GEM of a thrift /vintage store and I need inspo! Also don't want to look like a granny tbh 🥴 ha!

  • Maddie Gheesling
    Maddie Gheesling13 timer siden


  • Blk Barbie
    Blk Barbie13 timer siden

    she sounds like such an experienced cook ngl i’d follow any recipe she gave

  • Emmaly Naz
    Emmaly Naz14 timer siden

    you guys are sooooo cute! i want a relationship like this too!

  • Emma Laval
    Emma Laval14 timer siden

    Chocolate croissant is actually à pain au chocolat in france

    YOU CAN'T BE MY VALENTINE14 timer siden

    I would love to see a meditation tips video :)))))

  • nourhan ahmed
    nourhan ahmed15 timer siden

    How to get these audio books and podcast

  • Laura Bermudez
    Laura Bermudez16 timer siden

    Does anyone know where her green cami is from ? :-)

  • hem hem
    hem hem16 timer siden

    ah a simpler time

  • Bibi Holding
    Bibi Holding16 timer siden


  • Michelle Gaun
    Michelle Gaun17 timer siden

    You are soooo beautiful girl 😍😍😍😍

  • Keeshia Esguerra
    Keeshia Esguerra18 timer siden

    I was eating while watching this but my mouth was still watering 🤤😍

  • Lori Chan
    Lori Chan18 timer siden

    whos watching in 2021? love you claudia!

  • Hazel George
    Hazel George19 timer siden

    I like seeing Finneas in Claudia's videos than interviews when he is trying to put a face on for us. Its like Finneas in the wild.

  • brisley brisley
    brisley brisley19 timer siden

    I’ve been really bad this week BUT this video just make me feel better

  • Rebeca Radut
    Rebeca Radut20 timer siden

    8:36 him voice 👁👄👁

  • Tin Bernas
    Tin Bernas20 timer siden

    Potatoes are my favorite!

  • Vienna Munoz
    Vienna Munoz21 time siden

    I lost 28 pounds but I’m now trying to learn to love my body not just trying to be healthy but I’m very excited for this journey and watching this gave me a lot of motivation😁

  • Natalie Karim
    Natalie Karim21 time siden

    pasued the video so i could order from that bakery!

  • kiara zelada quiroz
    kiara zelada quiroz21 time siden


  • Emily Mae
    Emily Mae21 time siden

    i love this so much <3 also !!! i honestly prefer the warmer lighting at *6:40* it makes you look super healthy and just glowy but at the same time a comfy lighting!

  • Eugene 55
    Eugene 5521 time siden

    I don't know why but I really want to know what movie they are whatching!

  • Janice Delgado
    Janice Delgado21 time siden

    U SEEE IT 🥺💍💍

  • Victoria Ortega
    Victoria Ortega22 timer siden

    Why are you two the cutest lol Finneas in the beginning is the epitome of morning mood

  • fer bs
    fer bs22 timer siden

    Please do more cooking videos

  • Maddie Eilish
    Maddie Eilish22 timer siden

    "When you choke on your own saliva" Bro I felt that, and especially in school because people be looking at you. 😃

  • Lily Anne Kachikis
    Lily Anne Kachikis23 timer siden

    It's not too late for you to delete this, queen! :)

  • Zoe
    Zoe23 timer siden


    MARIANADag siden

    Beautiful woman!!!!

  • Jen Palmares
    Jen PalmaresDag siden


  • Carly Terese
    Carly TereseDag siden

    Oh my gosh, the Rao’s Arrabbiata is my FAVE - so good!

  • quinn Ciccone
    quinn CicconeDag siden

    Is that Matt at the beginning? I remember him in David’s vlogs

  • Jair Felipe
    Jair FelipeDag siden

    this is how you do a sponsored video go claudia

  • shirley beteta
    shirley betetaDag siden

    It's been 9 months since I last saw this video and it motivated me to make some changes starting with my mentality. For the longest time I truly hated the way I looked, but I never seeked to change anything about it In June of last year I decided to switch my "diet" by challenging myself to try a more plant-based diet for a month. I was not eating well at the start of the pandemic, but I wanted to eat more whole foods and really get my vegetable intake in. Although it was challenging at times, I learned so much about myself and what my body needed. Nine months later and I am now vegan and at my healthiest. If you would have asked me before whether I ate "healthy", I would say I did, but looking back at my previous lifestyle, there was no balance. I always struggled to lose weight but in those nine months I have lost 20 lbs!!! I am not saying going vegan is the way, but it is important to seek balance in your meals and really listen to how your body responds to what you eat. Along the way I learned to be patient with myself and I also managed to build a healthy relationship with food. I still have a long way to go in terms of where I hope to be, but I've learned to enjoy every single step of the journey. If you made it to the end and you are also looking for some motivation; You can do it!!!

  • chasity
    chasityDag siden

    I wish I was a dog person but I’m lazy af (:

  • tessa doran
    tessa doranDag siden

    im 14 and barely know how to cook but i still love these videos

  • Bre Christine
    Bre ChristineDag siden

    But what was the Disney movie that they started to watch

  • guadaaruani
    guadaaruaniDag siden

    omg I love Mike 😍💗

  • Fuel the Mind
    Fuel the MindDag siden

    Love this! This is great content to fuel our minds!

  • Juliet Sanders
    Juliet SandersDag siden

    Have we never made grilled cheese before? Lol so many instructions for something so simple.

  • your friend vi
    your friend viDag siden

    More dog content plz

  • Angel Slack
    Angel SlackDag siden

    Claudiaaaaaaaaaa.......... I need a podcast! Checking more then I'd like to admit. I love all things Claudia. 😍😍😍

  • Juicy Hallin
    Juicy HallinDag siden


  • Jim Halpert
    Jim HalpertDag siden

    i’m underage so i can’t legally drink but she sold me on that wine 😂

  • alexia b
    alexia bDag siden

    you eat better then all of us

  • Halle Balcirak
    Halle BalcirakDag siden

    The growth over the years is impeccable, honestly. I remember watching you when you first started out 😭😩 I’m so happy for you!!!!!!

  • Nichole Benigas
    Nichole BenigasDag siden

    The editing was on point !!!!

  • May's Lifestyle
    May's LifestyleDag siden

    Gonna need more cooking by Claudia this is epic

  • Oskar Marie
    Oskar MarieDag siden

    garlic salt on grilled cheese is rlly good, y'all should try it

  • Elizabeth P.
    Elizabeth P.Dag siden

    Hey Claudia! Would love a video about your vegan story! Why you became vegan, how long it took you, and any go to recipes you love!

  • Lillian Frances
    Lillian FrancesDag siden

    Who else loves the way Claudia says potato? 8:45

  • Lillian Frances
    Lillian FrancesDag siden

    "this is the best herbs de provence... my mom gets it from... I wanna say.... Marshalls? Payless?" lol who knew.

  • Juliana Terán Carriel
    Juliana Terán CarrielDag siden

    omg i world love to see vl0gs like these. or your everyday they're so c calming and fun

  • Eslyn Myla
    Eslyn MylaDag siden

    I’ve made the potatoes and they are so goood!!!!!

  • onwednesdayswewearpink
    onwednesdayswewearpinkDag siden

    ur skin

  • Raycaitlin
    RaycaitlinDag siden

    Zevia is my FAVORITEEEE soda sub

  • Cynorgi
    CynorgiDag siden

    I appreciate claudia's editing being very chill and aesthetic based but not boring. There arent many vloggers who aren't loud and obnoxious but also aren't uninteresting.

  • Zu’Anna Stansbury
    Zu’Anna StansburyDag siden

    You both give me Mary and Tim vibes from the movie about time and I’m living for it

  • Ali C
    Ali CDag siden

    take a shot a milk every time she says vegan.

  • Alicia Donnelly
    Alicia DonnellyDag siden

    Claudia, myself and my friend who always watch your videos at home during dinner how ironic haha just realised peaches is on the couch now!? What happened !?! Explainnnnn

  • 00Kristyna00
    00Kristyna00Dag siden

    I LIVE IN ITALY, in the exact region that Acquaforte wine came from. Kinda random, huh? Anyway, *socially distanced hugs* from here!

  • Cameil Passley
    Cameil PassleyDag siden

    Can you please share that template that you used on your iPad with me please

  • Rubi Mejia
    Rubi MejiaDag siden

    I loveee claudia who remembers her as beyond beauty star?

  • Emine Boz
    Emine BozDag siden

    wine is not vegan ?

  • Vorya Doni
    Vorya DoniDag siden

    0:58 is there any other way ppl brush their teeth!??!?! lol wtf

  • Laura Brown
    Laura BrownDag siden

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